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Youth of today are the builders of tomorrow. To provide proper facilities and environment for their high mental growth is the duty of society.Roorkee which is famous world over, for its engineering university(IIT) and religious pilgrimage of piran kaliyar sharif.It may be astonishing to learn that although the city had higher education institutions in the fields of arts and science, there are certain other professional fields like IT, Journalism, Education, Commerce, Law, Computer Science, Management, Library Science, Home Science & Medical Science, in the vicinity, Graduates and Postgraduates of the region wishing to enter the above fields had to wander about in search of a seat to other states and more often returned disappointed, particularly due to majority of seats being reserved in favour of the candidate of their .....

own state and usually a mere 10% seats for all other states, whom they call outsider Late Pt. Roop Chand Sharma a philanthropist, in the field of education of Roorkee, has dedicated a substantial part of his hard-earned wealth to the cause of education and has founded the Roop Chand Sharma Education Trust with the pious aim and objective of filling the aforesaid long felt gap, by establishing educational institutions in the fields of laws, IT, Journalism, Education, Commerce, Computer Science, Management, Library Science, Information Technology, Home Science, and Medicine. The First in the series is the Bishamber Sahai institute, Roorkee which is serving the society.

The Bishamber Sahai Institute is aimed to be an ideal institution that will cater the law, Education, IT, Commerce, as well as Computer Science & Management Professional needs of 21 1st century graduates, who has to complete with his counterparts, acquiring similar education at other specialized centers of professional legal education in the country. The college will pave the way for future generation of built environment professionals.

So we have no choice, but to provide the best possible academic environment through experienced faculty, a rich library, subscribing current National & International jornals, modern aids and technologies of legal education, like moot courts, computers, Internet sports etc. for acquiring a are providing. We brlieve in action and not just promises. So get registered for admission right now. The seats are limited and time waits for none.

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It gives immense pleasure in extending a heartly welcome to you all for choosing B.S.I to fullfill your dreams of becoming one of the best professional. The institute strives to educated and nurture the unexploited talent of youth needed for the dynamic and highly competitve world. We teach, train and prepare the students to a level where they can handle any situation independently to achieve higher degree of excellence in professionalism. The institution is equipped with state of the art, modern equipment, instruments, computer teaching aids, multimedia and other audio-visual facilities, library with online excess and wi-fi connectivity, required for effective modern teaching.

We intended to develop it as a liable and throbbing center of learning and research. The institution has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. The highly programmatic and progressive environment develop by the talented faculty is conducive for the development of learning, empowerment of the knowledge and skill enhancement. Institute believe in providing close to life experience based teaching and learning techniques. We offer wide range of professional program in the form of diploma, Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral Courses, Polytechnic, Management, Computer Application, Information Technology, Library, Science, Commerce, Journalism, and Mass Communication, Home Science, Education, Physicl Education, Law and Chartered Accountant etc. Students are always encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial spirit in their personality so that they spot opportunities, mobilise resources and develop innovative solutions to the critical problems of today.

College encourage you to be responsible in matters both small and large. While college will provide every opportunity to you for growing into a mare responsible adults, we also encourage you to gain that maturity by responsibly participating in the primary goal which are the co and extra - curricular of your primary objective. If you are among these who eventually make it into the college then remember that you do to these who did not make it.

They lost our because of you and so you carry the double burden of justifying the sacrifices that they have made along the responsibility toward yourself.We wish could have taken you all, for both my faculty and i believe, that evertone has much that is good. But there are constraints and we work within there constraints. Neverthless, know that both my faculty and i wish you every one of you, the very best.

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The immortal soul, Late Pt. Bishamber Sahai Ji, in whose sacred memory this institute has been founded was my Great Grand Father, He was born in 1993 in a mediocre Brahmin family, in the township of jhabrera Haridwar district. He breathed his last in 1970. Pt. Bishamber Sahai was a simple and religious man, who fully believed in the theory of 'Karam Yog' of Gita, love for all, charity and selfless service to mankind. It was perhaps this spirit who inspired him to help other in their need. He practiced charity indiscriminately, rising above religion, caste and creed. He was God-fearing and Dharamabiding and taught the similar high values of life to his children. His last wish was to establish a higher educational and some charitable institution at Roorkee.

Roop Chand Sharma was my grand father who established Roop Chand Sharma Education Trust in 2003 to fulfill the cherished desire of the noble soul. The main goal of the trust is to provide educational facilities particularly to the economically and socially backward part of the society so far unprovided and to the advantage of those who due to their limited resources can not afford going to distant places to avail professional education and training in such field. The other aims of this Trust are:
(1) To setup Mahila Ashrams for providing shelter and cottage industrial training to unsupported women.

(2) To setup Bal Ashrams for providing food, medical treatment and shelter to the poor and neglected children.
(3) To setup Reading Rooms & Libraries.
(4) To adopt means for protection of animals and birds against men's cruelty.
As a tribute to the founder chairman of the institute. The college has started to organize a seminar in the memory of founder chairman, on 14 March every year with the name Late Pt. Roopchand Sharma memorial Seminar. In 2012 the seminar was organized successfully on the topic "Automatic extraction and classification of opinion of product review from web documents" and in 2013" Impact of FDI of Indian economy" the seminar is organized at National lavel on the topic and in 2014 "Global workplace by year 2020" current topic for the students of M.B.A and

After the great success of National Level Seminar, this year i.e. in 2015 B.S. Group of Institute organise National Level Seminar on the topic of "Business design for inclusive growth & sustainable development with special reference to present India".
In 2016 the seminar was organized successfully on the topic "Make in India" Challenges in Global perspective and in 2017 "GST futuristic view of Gdp through GST" current topic for the student's of MBA, B.Tech and MCA.
In 2018 the seminar was organised successfully on the brief of will India recent reforms boost GDP great rate exceeding "China's growth rate in near Future" As tribute to the founder Member Late Smt. Khemwati Sharma Ji our Institute every year organized Dance & Rangoli Competition Programme at state level every year.
On the beginning of this Institute along-with other members of the Trust humbly salute to our noble ancestor who was an ideal human being and our to carry out the aspirations of our worthy ancestor.
Om Shanti !

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देवभूमि उत्तराखण्ड की परम पूज्यनीय पतित पावनी मां गंगा के तट पर स्थित जनपद हरिद्वार का नगर रूडकी है। रूडकी के बीच बहती पवित्र गंगा नहर इसका हद्य हैं। रुडकी विशिष्ट तकनीकी संस्थाओ के कारण अभियन्ताओं की नगरी के रुप मे विश्व मे प्रसिद्ध हैं। रुडकी से मात्र पाँच किलोमीटर की दूरी पर सहारनपुर रोड. पर बिसम्बर सहाय ग्रुप आफॅ इन्स्टीट्यूट स्थापित है। इस संस्था को जनपद हरिद्धार का प्रथम विधि कालेज होने का गौरव प्राप्त है। हमारे संस्थान को उत्तराखण्ड प्रदेश का प्रथम इन्डिपेनडेन्ट पाँलिटैक्निक कालेज होने का भी गौरव प्राप्त है। संस्था का भव्य परिसर है। जिसमे प्रत्येक विभाग के लिये पृथक पृथक सुसज्जित भवन बने हुए है। इस कैम्पस में स्वच्छ व शान्त शैक्षिक वातावरण बना हुआ है। इस संस्था में विधि कालेज की स्थापना के पश्चात् बहुत कम समय में एक के बाद एक अत्यन्त उपयोगी पाठयक्रम जोडे गए है।

हमारे संस्थान ने इस वर्ष से संस्थान के पाँलिटेक्निक के विधार्थीयों को डिप्लोमा वितरण समारोह का शुभारम्भ किया जिसमे संस्थान में सर्वाधिक अंक पाने वाले विधार्थी को पं. बिशम्भर किया जिसमे संस्थान में सर्वाधिक अंक पाने वाले विधार्थी को पं. बिशम्बर सहाय स्वर्ण पद्क एंव प्रत्येक ब्राँच में सर्वाधिक अंक पानें वाले विधार्थी को पं. रुपचंद शर्मा जी की स्मृति में पं. रुपचंद शर्मा रजत पदक प्रदान किये गये।

पुस्तकालय संस्था में सुसज्जित पुस्तकालय हैं जिसमें लगभग 95000 किताबे उपलब्ध हैं। कम्प्यूटर प्रयोगशाला संस्था की विशाल कम्प्यूटर प्रयोगशाला हैं। इसमें लगभग 260 आधुनिक कम्प्यूटर है। संस्था के सभी पाठ्यक्रर्मों के छात्र-छात्राओं को इस प्रयोगशाला में कार्य करनें की सुविधा उपलब्ध हैं। संस्था में चल रहे सभी पा्ठयक्रर्मो के परीक्षा परिणाम शत प्रतिशत उत्तीर्ण रहते हैं। प्रसिद्ध कम्पनियां परिसर में साक्षात्कार के द्वारा चयन करके, हमारे अधिकांश छात्रों को ले जा रही हैं।